Lead to Thrive is all about helping business owners develop their people-leading skills to build a flourishing and engaged team.

Kay Morton is a leadership coach who works with business owners to help them develop their leadership skills and create a thriving and engaged team. 
Kay works with people who have great professional or technical skills, but feel they could learn more about how to get the best from the people they work with. 

The leadership skills you will be developing when working with Kay include: 

  • Understanding yourself – developing your self-awareness how to use your strengths as a leader
  • Building your confidence in your ability to be a great leader
  • Improving relationships with all people you connect with – your team, your clients, your suppliers
  • Becoming an outstanding communicator

be the leader no-one wants to leave

Learn how to truly engage your team, so they absolutely love working with you.
DISC profiling, behaviour

Behavioural profiling

Understanding behaviour, both your own and other people, helps you become a more effective communicator.
Motivating and leading your team becomes much easier when you know how to get the best out of each person you work with.

Strengths, development

Using your Strengths

Knowing your strengths, and understanding how to make the best use of them can lead to a much greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. Understanding your team's strengths is an essential aspect in creating an engaged and productive team.

Coaching, leadership coaching

Coaching for success

A coach can help you stay focussed on your goals and keep you accountable.
Every potential client can access a complimentary one-on-one coaching session with Kay to see if you will work together well.

Workshops, facilitation, learning, training


Lead to Thrive runs workshops on various topics, such as:
  • Communicating effectively with all types of people
  • Positive Psychology – it’s not about feeling happy all the time!
  • Managing your Imposter Syndrome
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  • people will be more engaged
  • team will be more productive
  • customers will be happier
  • employee turnover will decrease
  • bottom line will improve
Business owner, leadership