Lead to Thrive is Kay Morton

Kay is a leadership coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator, who works with business owners (small- and medium-sized businesses) to help them develop their leadership skills so they can create a thriving and engaged team.

Kay works with people who are great with their technical skills, but feel they could learn more about how to get the best out of the people they work with. Some of the aspects of your leadership skills that Kay will help you develop are:

  • Understanding yourself – developing your self-awareness how to use your strengths as a leader
  • Building your confidence in your ability to be a great leader
  • Improving relationships with all people you connect with – your team, your clients, your suppliers
  • Better communication skills

About Kay

Kay Morton has more than 20 years experience as a leader. When working with her clients, Kay uses the the skills and insights developed in working with her own high performing teams. Working as a leader in a variety of industry sectors, she has developed her knowledge of how people work best to ensure projects are completed successfully.

 With her many years working in different environments, she has realised that we are all the same in many ways, and yet we are all unique. Kay has always been fascinated with human behaviour, and continues to learn about people and how to thrive. 

Kay Morton, Lead to Thtive

Humour, compassion, courage and respect are all essentials ingredients in Kay’s coaching and speaking work. She is passionate about creativity in all its forms and finds her purpose in helping others to express their own creativity in the workplace, and using their strengths.

Kay an experienced workshop facilitator, trainer, project leader and Positive Psychology practitioner.